Christ in our Chaos

Have you found yourself so far out of your depth that wonder how on earth you will make it through one more day?

Have you ever wondered where God is hiding when we go through times of great testing and deep waters of pain? Has the question entered your mind: Does God hear our troubled prayers and even care what happens to us? If you have ever asked these questions, then Christ in our Chaos will greatly encourage you and will offer much needed hope in your time of trial. 

Taking a closer look at familiar Biblical stories and their unique characters, Delme reflects on God’s presence in the midst of their personal crises and how they discovered comfort in the unshakable promises of God. This book is very relevant for the times in which we are currently living in and will be an influential resource for all Christ-followers.

Rev. Dr Leon Klein writes, “Delme, through his compassionate heart, challenges us not only to be still, but also real about our chaotic feelings of loss, anxiety, fear, confusion, disappointment, disillusionment, despair and grief. In that place, Christ appears, not to rescue us from the chaos, but rather to accompany us through our chaos – just as He did for those in Biblical times.”

“This book is an authentic voice, inviting readers to risk being vulnerable and entering into a place of deep inner stillness – an uncomfortable place, yet a necessary place where wounded people are healed, and grieving people consoled.”