70 Days of Wisdom

A reflection on the book of Proverbs.

The genesis of 70 Days of Wisdom came from a selection of devotional reflections I wrote during the time of theCoronavirus pandemic in 2020. I had made a decision to read through the book of Proverbs during the long days of the COVID-19 lockdown and to observe the words of wisdom written by Solomon and his contemporaries. What I find remarkable was that the advice given to people living 3000 years ago still makes complete sense in our world today. Of course there are many things in our modern world that have drastically changed since the reign of Solomon, but many of these ancient truths still stand firm in the twenty-first century.

Please note that this is not an academic study ofProverbs, but rather a brief reflection on the overall message of each chapter. In the main, I have taken two days to cover most chapters of Proverbs while a few are stretched over three days, making up the collection for this particular 70 day journey.

Enjoy this short foray in the treasure chest of Proverbs.May the Spirit of God inspire you to live a life filled with wisdom and grace.

July 2020