Living Oceans Apart

Hope and encouragement for those who have family and friends living overseas…

Do you have family or friends living far away from you? Are some of your loved ones living overseas? Are you thinking of moving overseas yourself? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions then this book is for you.

In a practical way Living Oceans Apart offers hope and encouragement to all of us who find ourselves dealing with the reality of family or friends living far away. Relationships are complicated at the best of times, but factor into this equation, thousands of miles and a few oceans, and then we begin to understand the magnitude of this scenario.

Taking a closer look at how we manage to cope with these situations, Living Oceans Apart includes chapters such as ‘Facing our fears’, ‘What hurts most?’, ‘There is hope’, ‘The wounded generations’ and ‘Comforts and promises.’

FF“Delme is the first South African pastor that I know who has sought to reflect on this issue in a written way and we are in debt to him for his labour of love and concern… a timely, encouraging and hopeful book on a deeply relevant subject.”
Trevor Hudson